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Monday, September 10, 2012 8:00 AM
You cannot believe how ecstatic I was when I found out I'd received my first blog award nomination! A nomination for the Beautiful Blogger Award!

And I owe it all to the lovely Aa'Ishah from Reading Under the Stars! She was the amazing blogger who nominated me, and I am so grateful to her! This just made my week! You should really check out her blog because it's stunning and she writes awesome reviews! Plus, that name is so beautiful. It makes me want to go outside and literally read under the stars!

So, the rules are as follows:

1. Write something about the Book Blogger who nominated you as I've done above. 
2. Share 7 things about yourself. 

7 things about moi:

1. I'm such a romantic. Seriously, I'm one of the sappiest people you will ever find, but I try to hide it. This is the reason I love YA books so much. Because they always seem to have romance. 
2. My family has two dogs, four cats, and at least 20 fish. I want a ferret, but I'm not allowed. When I have my own place, this will happen. 
3. I'm a horror movie addict. As in, I love scaring myself to death and having trouble sleeping that night. Why? Because I must hate myself or something. 
4. I fear fire so much I've never lit a match. Or a lighter. No joke. I cannot convince myself to do it. Sparklers even terrify me. But I can stand by a bonfire. At a safe distance. It makes no sense to me either.
5. I sing in the car like nobody's business. As in, I blare the music and scream. This is why my windows remain up. I also dance, and one time I looked to the left, and an elderly couple was dancing with me. 
6. My favorite show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have watched those seasons way too much. I was a vampire fan before Edward ever sparkled.
7. I still catch fireflies and it always makes me sad watching them fly away. Like I said, complete emotional sap.

My nominees!!!! I couldn't ever just pick one! 

These book blogs are awesome! You should check them out immediately! And thanks again to Aa'Ishah for the nomination! 

Happy reading, 



  1. Haha! I know where you're coming from with that horror movie thing, it's like self-torture or something but hey, loved the facts! Congrats on the nomination!

    1. Thanks! And I just can't get enough of horror movies. The like really good ones with suspense and a great story as well!

  2. Congrats, Courtney! :D

    I'm a big NOT fan of horror since I am a BIGGER scardey cat but like you, I watch it sometimes... And I only learned how to light a match because of Chemistry! Those bunsen burners won't light themselves! Strangely enough, I can't light a lighter...

    Great facts! Thanks for sharing :D

    1. Thanks Gellie! :D I always made someone else light the bunsen burners. I'm horrible like that. lol It's embarrassing at times.

  3. Aww, you're very welcome, Courtney! :)

    Haha, I know right! I am a total romance junkie. I realised a while back that I just have to have romance in my books, otherwise I'm not going to enjoy it. This is what YA does to me. I can't watch horror movies, I think I'd scare myself too much. And I always try to keep back if I have to light a match. Thankfully that's rare.

    Awesome post, girl! :)

    1. I realized the other day I HAVE to have romance in YA. At least, I expect it. While in adult books, I don't care as much. Not the best thinking, I admit.

      Thanks Aa'Ishah! ;D

  4. Yay congrats on the nomination! :)

    Don't get a ferret! They're creepy! Get a guinea pig or rabbit. ahaha and you are such a romantic sap. Nothing wrong with that - just have to channel it towards those relationships and romances that are really worth your attention.

    Thanks for the nomination. I don't think I'll post this on my own blog, but I will think of seven facts about me to share with you at the very least.

    1. Thanks! Ferrets are not creepy! And we had a wild rabbit chilling in our garage, but she/he left and had baby bunnies. Still hangs around the house though. Bun bun. And you're welcome! I look forward to those 7 facts!

  5. Thanks so much for the nomination Courtney. I'm composing a post on my blog, it's just taking a little while. There are too many great books released this week. :)

    1. I completely understand. There are a lot of great books I wanted too this week! Take your time and you're very welcome! :D


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