Armchair BEA Day 6 - Wrap-Up Post

Saturday, May 31, 2014 10:56 AM
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We have reached the end of Armchair BEA, and I am exhausted. I haven't posted this much on my blog ever. While I'm happy things will calm down posting wise, I'm also sad that this week is over. I really enjoyed Armchair BEA, and overall, it was a wonderful experience. This was my first time participating, and I don't want it to end. Sure, it was a little too hectic to be an every week kind of thing, but I still had so much fun. As this was my first year participating, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite things about Armchair BEA.

1) The bloggers. Obviously, the other book bloggers and authors make this event what it is. I loved visiting others' blogs and meeting new people. I didn't interact as much as I could have, and I missed out on the Twitter parties, but I tried to comment back and visit as many blogs as I possibly could. And everyone was giving each other support, leaving meaningful comments and participating in discussions.You guys are all amazing and your blogs are so awesome! Keep doing what you're doing because the book blogging community is so wonderful!

2) The discussions. What avid reader doesn't love discussing books? I loved how there were dual topics each day, so participants had a choice. If they weren't into one topic, they could just write about the other. I enjoyed reading the discussions, and I found so many books I need to read.

3) Guest articles. I didn't get to read all of the guest posts on the Armchair BEA site, but I really loved the ones I did read. One of my favorite guest articles was To Make A Long Story Short..., which explored different ways you can discover more short stories to read.

Overall, it was a blast, and I definitely want to participate next year! I really appreciated all of the comments, follows, etc! If you participated in Armchair BEA, what were your thoughts? Did have you a fun time and would you join in again next year?


  1. Armchair BEA is awesome right? AND I DIDN'T ATTEND THE TWITTER CHATS EITHER ;P I'm so busy with finals next week ack!

  2. I found my first Armchair BEA equal parts exhausting and exhilarating, too! And, I loved my interactions with you and your blog.

    Joy's Book Blog

  3. I’ve had so much fun visiting all the blogs on Armchair BEA. This is my first year and I’ve had such a good time that I plan to come back next time. I’ve added a ton of books to my TBR list as well as added a lot of book friends on twitter, goodreads, and bloglovin. Thank you so much for participating and making it a great first year for me.

  4. I agree, it was a wonderful experience, and it visited as many blogs as I could cram in between my busy schedule, even though I didn't post anything other than my introductions! I love the look of your blog, Courtney!

  5. Great experience as usual. Since it was my third year, I think that helped even more. Met up with folks from last and met new bloggers. Made all the Twitter parties; what an experience. No Instagram. Maybe next year. Definitely visited a lot of blogs and left a ton of comments. Good year!

  6. I missed all of the Twitter chats, too. I had conflicts with every single one except the very first one, which I totally forgot about! I did sign up for Instagram just for the challenge fun there, and found some new-to-me bloggers (e.g. you!)

  7. Like you I have not posted so much in one week and even though I am looking forward to the downtime...I will miss it! Same here on the twitter chats. The only one I attended was the one I moderated, lol But, next year I am going to try at attend at least one more.

  8. Cheers to another awesome Armchair BEA!

  9. I'm so glad Armchair BEA exists -- it's always fun to come back and catch up on Armchair BEA posts.


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