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Sunday, May 11, 2014 10:11 AM
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This week, I took advantage of some Kindle book deals. I couldn't help myself.

Bought (Kindle):

Smart Girls Get What They Want by Sarah Strohmeyer - This looks like a light, fun read for in between chunksters. Amanda and I plan to read it together, as we both took advantage of the Kindle deal.

Shadows on the Moon by Zoe Marriott - I enjoyed The Swan Kingdom, and I'm eager to read Shadows on the Moon hopefully sometime soon.

Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge - I am always up for a Beauty and the Beast retelling!

Stolen Songbird (The Malediction Trilogy #1) by Danielle L. Jensen - I'm reading this one now, and it's good so far! And this counts towards my Debut Author Challenge!

My Life After Now by Jessica Verdi - I've heard only good things about this book so I'm really looking forward to reading it!


Diviners (Diviners #1) by Libba Bray - I am a huge fan of her Gemma Doyle series, and I've been meaning to read this one for awhile.

Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler - I've only read one book by her before, her Bittersweet, and while I wasn't a huge fan of it, I'm willing to give her writing another try.

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine - I've read this one once before and enjoyed it, so when I found it for only 3 bucks at Books 4 Less, I picked it up for a future reread.

Writing Magic: Creating Stories That Fly by Gail Carson Levine - I plan to start writing again soon, so this writing guide might come in handy.

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver - Oliver's book Delirium was an alright read, and I'm hoping I like Before I Fall better. The premise is certainly intriguing.

The Rose Garden and The Shadowy Horses by Susanna Kearsley - I absolutely loved The Winter Sea, and I'm excited to read more by this author.

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick - I've been looking forward to reading this for awhile!

Necromancing the Stone (Necromancer #2) by Lish McBride - I found Hold Me Closer, Necromancer to be a humorous, fun read, and I'm anxious to read its sequel.

Mistborn Trilogy Boxed Set (Mistborn #1-3) - My boyfriend put this boxed set in my Easter basket, and I have yet to read anything by Sanderson, so I'm really excited to pick this series up sometime!

What about everyone else? What did you get this week?


  1. I keep seeing The Diviners everywhere. Wondering if I should look into it.

  2. I'm sorry but this is ridiculous, Cort! How did I not even know about like 50% of these books lol? I'm excited to read Smart Girls Get What They Want, Cruel Beauty, My Life After Now, and Mistborn together (I like us being ambitious haha). The Diviners is great. I wasn't a fan of The Rose Garden, but you'll have to let me know what you think of Kearsley - maybe I'll give another one of her books a try.
    Now I think you need to go hole yourself up or you'll never get through all of these. ;)

  3. Your boyfriend just won life --- Mistborn is basically the best ever.


    And also? Forgive Me Leonard Peacock is soooo good, like I wanted to highlight the pages and then like hand the book out to random strangers good.

    Happy reading :-D

  4. This is an amazing haul Courtney! I loved The Diviners, it was definitely different to what I was expecting it to be, also it's such a huge book, but you'll certainly fly through it. I also really want to read Smart Girls What They Want, so I can't wait to see how you and Amanda get on with it! Happy reading!

  5. I love, love, LOVE The Diviners, Forgive Me Leonard Peacock, Shadowy Horses, and Cruel Beauty (in that order!), so I can't wait to see what you think, Courtney. I also need to desperately pick up Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy...soon! ;)

  6. Oh wow, what an impressive haul!! You've got a great bf if he gifts you books for Easter. The Mistborn trilogy is one of those ones that I consistently hear amazing things, but I've yet to read it (or any of Sanderson's books yet either). I'll hope to get to it sometime... eventually! Ella Enchanted was one of my favourite childhood reads and one of the most botched book-to-movie adaptations I've ever seen. Seeing it in your haul makes me want to reread it too, actually!


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